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The Costa Dorada in northern Spain enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild dry winters. This region is considerably cooler than its southern counterparts, seeing average summer temperatures of 24C, with the resort of Salou boasting a temperate climate with 300 days of sunshine a year and clear blue skies.

Weather in Salou - Comfortable summer highs, cooler than in Southern Spain
Average spring temperatures reach 18C, creating ideal conditions for those who prefer cooler weather. Summer highs range from 20C - 26C, with cooling sea breezes helping to maintain pleasant and comfortable temperatures, and the resort enjoys between 9 - 10 hours of sunshine every day during this time. The height of the season sees maximum highs of 28C, usually in August, which is the busiest month in Salou, when many Spaniards visit the resort for their holidays. During the spring and summer the prevailing wind, the Garbi, blows from the south-east and also serves to keep the humidity, which remains at between 65 and 70%, relatively bearable. Rainfall is limited during the summer, however short tropical showers are not uncommon during this time.

Salou weather - Mild dry winters, pleasant temperatures
During the winter Salou enjoys an average winter temperature of 10C, with January seeing the seasons' lowest temperature of 8C, and November seeing highs of 12C-13C. The sun shines for an average of between 4 - 5 hours a day during the low season. The predominant wind in autumn and winter is the Mistral, which blows from the north-east, and again tempers the heat and helps to keep mist and fog at bay. Most of the rainfall in Salou falls during the spring and autumn, with October being the wettest month by far, but still enjoying mild temperatures of 16C. The entire region receives between 400 - 700mm of rain every year.


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